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Donation Form

Veteran Carriers was started by Cliff and Rob, both who are retired US Air Force TACP’s. As a way of giving back to their TACP brotherhood as well as their local community, Cliff and Rob established Veteran Carriers Trucking For A Cause. VC TFAC is a non profit organization and 100% of all profits will go to charity. Our plan is to do 4-6 events each year, and partner with different charity organizations to raise money for great causes. Our first event was the Golf Tournament on July 31st, and all profits went to the TACP Association.  All future events will have 25% going to the TACP Association/Foundation and the remainder 75% going to the local charity we partner with. If you are a local charity that would wish to partner with us please contact our event organizer Cliff Horton 912-755-0675. We look forward to doing great things and helping as many people as we can in the future!

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